Monday, November 14, 2005

As Chris often says, Grrr!

Jane's Shawl
Only a few more inches!

My little length of spun Coopworth wasn't enough to finish the border of Jane's shawl; maybe 10 inches left to do! Isn't that always the way? Fortunately with handspun you can just get back on the wheel, provided you have enough fiber left. And I do!

Oddly warm morning; with haze in the air. Fluffy clouds in the sky don't look much like rain, although there was mention of possible rain in the forecast. Things just don't feel right after the cooler days, when it gets so warm in the fall.

Spending the next three days at a Rural Tourism Summit, sponsored by the county. Although it looks to be aimed toward farmers, I thought it might be interesting to participate. I have a few bunnies, though, due for shearing this week and I'm trying to work them in as well. Fortunately the meetings are being held locally. I sheared a lovely doe, Greenberry's Maggie Mine, yesterday. Forgot to take her picture but she's a pretty tort with lots of 'smut' on her face. Her wool color isn't quite as rich as I had hoped; will see what she looks like when she's older. She was a bit fussy about being sheared, too, but it was a dreadfully windy day and we were in the bunny house with lots of strange noises going on. She gave me a chin rub when we were finished, so she wasn't too unhappy with me!

It was fun to watch Mick, the oldest rabbit in the barn, playing with a plastic bowl. He threw it around, carried it, nosed it across the floor, and finally placed it neatly in his regular food dish! Others were playing, grooming or nibbling on hay; they were pretty calm despite the wind and noise. I let a couple play outside in spite of the wind; they didn't seem very happy with that, though. Wind in a strange environment must be uncomfortable and seem dangerous, since a rabbit wouldn't be able to hear predators if they approached.

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