Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Warm for Fall

Fall Glory
The beginning of color on the Parkway

Yesterday was a glorious fall day, but this morning was just too warm. We got out early for the gym for the first time in awhile. The moon was bright and the sky was clear. But it seemed unnaturally warm for October, and the forecast is for warm weather through the weekend. And rain. The leaves aren't changing as much as could be hoped, to attract the tourists out. But eight tour buses hit the stores uptown yesterday, so people are out and about.

Hand Spun Natural Coopworth Wool Skeins
Handspun Two-Ply Coopworth Skeins, Natural Color

It was so windy during the festival this weekend that I spent most of the time with the wheel plying Coopworth singles. People are interested in the process of plying, too, since I've discovered that a lot of people don't quite understand the term '2-ply'. Unless you're referring to toilet paper. I like to show the amount of work that goes into a handspun piece, and pointing out the different steps in the work of creating something helps a little toward comprehension of why a piece costs what it does. Sometimes.

These skeins are destined to be a shawl for the very special lady over at Hillbilly, Please. I'm really looking forward to working out a design for it. I'm debating whether to show progress pictures, as I usually do, or surprise her with the finished product!

Crocheted Shawl from Alpaca/Angora/Merino
Crocheted Bed Shawl from Hand Dyed Alpaca and Natural Merino/Angora

When we were in Richmond Sandra snuggled up one evening in a warm shawl that she said she used for reading in bed in her cool room in the mountains. Which got me to thinking how cold I get when I read in bed every night in my cool room in the mountains. We made a stop at a bookstore and I picked up a copy of the Special Issue 2005 Interweave Knits Crochet magazine, which I didn't even know about until Sandra pointed it out. There is a wonderful article in the issue about crocheted capelets made by women in Northern Spain and I love the look of the little garments in the pictures. So that is what this little shawl hopefully will turn out to be. For me, for a change, to wear on those cold winter nights while I'm curled up in my bed under the eaves. I'm cheating a little; the stitch design comes from the same magazine in a pattern for a shawl made with bulky yarn. I'm not a bulky yarn fan, though, and I'm crocheting this much tighter than suggested in that pattern. Also working for a shaped piece, like the capelets, rather than a flowing shawl. This is my carrying-around piece, until I can get enough yarn made to start on the Coopworth shawl. I hope to have hers done by the time she comes home for Christmas!

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