Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Really Quick Update

Shawl #2: Merino/Angora Hand Painted Yarn

Hurrying to finish the shawls so that I can get them ready to leave on Friday for the National Folk Festival. So I'm catching up quickly; there's not been much going on around here except for a flying crochet hook! I did shear a bunny this weekend and hope to get one done today. I started the Coopworth shawl yesterday while I was staying with a friend's father while they were coming back from vacation; got a lot done!

Coopworth Hand Spun Shawl
Shawl #3: Coopworth Hand Spun Wool

This is the same ram that produced the fleece for my Sterling shawl, so the colors are similar. I had this one processed into roving, so the color is much more uniform. I like the effect of dark and light but this stuff spins fast!

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