Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Perfect Fall Day

Home in the Fall
The hay is cut and the sun is shining

What a beautiful day to get bunny chores done! We spent all morning cleaning trays, mending cages and taking away trash and now the bunny house is looking as good as it gets. Bunnies have been playing outside in the sunshine, taking it by turns in the little dog pen to romp and nibble at green grass.

Indian Summer Days Crafters and Farmers
Indian Summer Days

We had a wonderful weekend festival at Meadows of Dan Farmers Market. Lots of wonderful crafters, good music and good comapny made the day very special. The wind was a little rough on Saturday; we spent a lot of time chasing our stock as the gusts rocked the tents. But folks came out to see us and we enjoyed ourselves between tumbles!

Fudge and Cookie Lady
Great Goodies!

The best part of any festival is the food, and we had some great vendors, Chocolate Moon with her glorious fudge, the Cookie Lady with cakes and cookies, Meadow Creek Dairy with their farm fresh cheese, and Buffalo Mountain Funnel Cakes, which were wonderful. I ate far too much sweet stuff and have been suffering for it. Today I've been nibbling toast! But it was wonderful fun and something special!

Kate of Kate's Garden
Kate's Garden

We had a delightful visit with my SO's sister, Cathy, and her SO, Gerry. They are both wonderful people and it was good to have them come down to spend some time and enjoy a little piece of our world. Sunday was Pancake Days, sponsored by the local volunteer fire department and assisted by many in the community. We always try to get out at least once during the season for food and to visit with some of the local folks. I love the sausage. Unfortunately!

Canned Treasures!
More Wonderful Stuff!

There was a selection of tie-dyed clothing from a shop in Floyd, a wonderful soap maker that was as interesting as her product, a local artist, the Civil War Reenactors, another gourd lady, our special young friends with the alpaca and their wonderful felted and crocheted creations, and terrific music from Tenbrooks and The Highlanders. As usual the quality of workmanship was fantastic and people seemed to really appreciate the efforts of the crafters and cooks.

Beautiful Gourd from Mountain Meadow Crafts
Gourd from Mountain Meadow Crafts

Sunday was a much nicer day than Saturday, with less wind but colder. Cold weather brings folks up onto the mountain. Changing leaves will bring even more of them, but there are still many green trees around here right now. My favorite maple out by the Parkway is just starting to change and I can see a haze of gold and red over the hills. The farmer came this weekend to cut and roll his hay. The fields look wonderful now, still green but with a hint of the winter's browning starting to creep across the grass. The hay bales are still dotted across the rolling fields in an elegant random pattern.

Yesterday we ran errands and today was time to catch up on work with the bunny house. Tomorrow I hope to do a couple of bunny haircuts and then I'm counting the days until SAFF!

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