Friday, October 28, 2005

Fall Days

house 014
My Room Under the Eaves

After a busy week of meetings and running errands, it's nice to have a day at home. Fall has arrived at last here on the mountain, with frosty mornings and brisk days. Chilly nights make curling up in my warm bed all the more attractive, with a cozy spaniel curled at my feet.

Most of the week has been taken up with meetings about projects that my brother and his wife are planning for the property here. Big ideas and good news for the area, I think. None of it really has a great deal to do with me but I'm excited to see what they're thinking about and appreciate being included. Yesterday's meetings involved Round the Mountain, the Southwest Virginia’s Artisan Network. I rashly volunteered to help with their web site (also wound up volunteering to help with a Patrick County web site Tuesday evening). The other meeting was with The Crooked Road committees. There I kept my mouth shut but Sue blew them away with her ideas. I could tell that both groups were made up of very intelligent and highly talented people but everyone was very nice and quite interested in Sue's ideas.

Wednesday was girls' day out for RJ and me, as we traveled to town to pick up bunny feed, enjoy a very leisurely lunch at our favorite restaurant, and then hit the stores to pick up necessities. RJ is feeling great and we had a wonderful time with our usual discussions of interesting subjects and with checking out the stores. We headed home under clear skies, enjoying the drive through beautiful Floyd County. The fall colors are not nearly as intense as they can be some years but the landscape is still beautiful.

house 015
Grandma's Big Bureau

It has finally turned cool, with more seasonable temperatures. A but of a shock, though, after so many days of warm fall weather that kept the leaves from turning much. A few complaints have been aired locally, but everyone is secretly glad to see the change in the season. Cooler weather brings quiet days and things seem to slow down as we head toward winter. Tomorrow we'll start the last weekend at the craft tent; I'm looking forward to a final weekend with the crafters spinning in the sunshine. Soon I'll be having to work in the sitting room, while cold winds shiver around the eaves and the house moans and rattles.

house 016

Today the sun has come out; I hope to tackle laundry and a couple of rabbits that need shearing. Although it seems cold, it's time to take their coats and I can put extra hay in their cages. The barn is warm, sheltering them from the wind and they never seem to mind the cold very much.

house 017
Old Trunk

I did manage to fit some work in during the week. I plied some more yarn for my cousin's shawl; it's hanging outside right now, waiting for me to collect it to begin crocheting. And I carried around my bed shawl and worked on it on the way to and from meetings, getting a few more rows accomplished. Today I have to get into the stash and pull out some white Shetland for a special order shawl. I want to spin it this weekend to demonstrate at the tent. I love working with Shetland, although I don't take the opportunity as often I as should.

house 018
Lily's Corner

Lily was happy to have me home last night, sleeping stretched at my feet while I crocheted and watched a hilarious Will Smith movie, Hitch. Dad and I have joined, at my friend Kym's recommendation. A large part of Dad's recreation is watching videos and DVDs, along with reading. So far the netflix thing has been pretty good. Because of our location it takes an extra day for the movies to get to us, but it's still cheaper and more interesting than the local video store. I like the old movies that are available; I've found titles that I never thought I would see again.

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