Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another Room

Sitting Room Corner
Sitting Room By the Window

When I tackled straightening up and sweeping the sitting room, I decided it might be easier to just go ahead and rearrange the furniture rather than sweep around and under it. So I moved almost everything, except the little sofa, to try to make it a little cozier. The big chair on the left, given to me years ago by a great-aunt, is where I spend most of my reading and crocheting time. The little sofa was meant for me to sleep on when company comes and to curl up on while I watched birds at the many feeders this winter. Lily has claimed it, though, as her throne!

Waiting for the Rug
Lily's Opinion

Lily supervised and I'm not sure she's happy with the changes. Of course, her rug is in the washer and that is annoying! Like a lot of animals, she's happiest with routine and she hasn't been thrilled by my actions today. I went through the craft boxes and sorted out what I want to take to the show tomorrow. Then Lily was upset when I took the boxes outside. She knows something is going on, since she heard me say the dreaded word "kennel" yesterday.

Favorite Window
Sitting Room Window

It's pleasant sitting in this quiet room, looking out across the field at the changing leaves and watching the seasons pass. I'm surrounded by books and usually a contented spaniel is by my side, watching the birds with me and whimpering eagerly when the doves come to feed.

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