Monday, October 31, 2005

Amazing Fall Day

Afternoon Sun at the Tent
Afternoon Sun

The last day, maybe, at the craft tent was gorgeous! There was only a little breeze, enough to toss a few signs around just to tease. Otherwise it was warm and wonderful, with bright sunshine on the hills. I woke up early. The time change always weirds out my schedule and Lily runs on old time for awhile. Until I get adjusted, anyway. I puttered around the house, worked on Jane's shawl, tended bunnies and then headed up to set up for the day. When I went to the store for much-needed caffeine, there was some comment on my attire!

Witchy Spinner
Note the Socks

One woman thought I might be a mannequin set up in front of the spinning wheel. Sue said I looked pretty witchy from a distance! I didn't really think I did enough, just bunches of weird jewelry, the hat and the socks. Not much different from my usual get-up!

Sue's Special Jug Gourd
New Mountain Meadow Crafts Creation

Sue's beautiful golden gourd jug, embellished with feathers and a gold and rhinestone setting. Very handsome! We had a terrific day at the tent with lots of people. Enjoyed talking to old friends and making new ones.

Last night I spent a few minutes at a Halloween Party at a local restaurant. Dad went with me but when we got there he wouldn't go in. I think the belly dancing demonstration made him nervous. So, to keep him from being out late, I just said come back in 45 minutes. I was tired, anyway, from getting up so early and from such a busy day.

And the new dog has moved on again. She was just too much for my dad to handle, and since Lily is the jealous type I can't give a second dog the attention it deserves. So some craft tent customers took her with them; she was quite content to go along and Dad was relieved! So was I; training a puppy is work!

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