Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Working Days

Burk's Fork Church Folks
Food for the auction by Burk's Fork Brethren Church Folks

Busy and fun weekend, with Saturday spent helping out the members of the Burk's Fork Church of the Brethren provide the food for an auction. The estate belonged to one of their members and the family invited the church to raise funds this way. They did a splendid job and raised a lot for hurricane relief efforts. My mom and step-father are very active in this church and I said I'd help out. It was a lot of fun, even if it did seem a little like work.

Burk's Fork, Big Day
Lots of goodies

Unfortunately I ate a good bit; the baked goods were irresistable! Mountain girls can cook, when they take the notion! Everyone was appreciative of the good food and we were busy all day, selling out breakfast before 10 in the morning and swamped at lunch time by hot dog demands! The auction was held at the home place, which is in a beautiful valley in Floyd County. I used to drive down this road often, just to travel by the beautiful stream that cuts through green fields by simple, beautiful farm houses, surrounded by higher hills.

Auction Tent
Auction Tent

I didn't see much of the auction; it was too busy and I'm just not interested in getting more stuff until we have a place to put it. The digger is coming next week. Of course, he's been coming next week since July. It's kind of sad, though, seeing an estate sale of someone you knew. The family took as many things as they could that meant something to them, but there was so much more that the owners once valued, going to strangers.

Sunday at the craft tent was quiet. We made a few sales but Sue said it was busier on Saturday. Seemed like nothing much was going on on the mountain on Sunday. Saturday was busy everywhere; maybe everyone was tired on Sunday. The local winery hosted Ralph Stanley and there was a farmer's market type gathering in Floyd. I took a few minutes to visit that and saw quite a few people there. The weather is so beautiful; people will be heading out to get their mountain produce soon!

Yesterday I caught up on errands and had Lily shaved down again. She's back to the embarassed stage but enjoyed a walk down to Mom's to show off her new 'do. The skies are so clear and the air is crisp and tastes clean. As I crossed over Concord Creek I could smell fox grapes up in the woods. The chinquapins are just starting to open up; Dad found a very few that I hope to plant here in the yard today. It would be fun to have a few more trees and maybe help preserve them. Everything seems so late; the few grapes on my vines aren't ready yet and chestnuts are still tight in their burrs.

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