Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Wonders

The most perfect weather you could want, wonderful days of spinning and working on a crocheted shawl at the craft tent and nice visitors. What more could you ask of a weekend?

Friday was a little rocky, when we went up to finalize things on the SO's house and ran into a few problems with noisy kids that are throwing trash and toys on the property and a problem with a boundary. He was a bit discouraged but still figures to go ahead with the closing. Unless we find out about more problems.

Saturday was a gorgeous day here, clear with a steady breeze. I sold some yarn at the craft tent and we had some great people stop by both Saturday and Sunday, including some old friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. I'm so tied to the house and computer during the week that it's fun to get out and talk. And do I talk! By the time I explain everything about the rabbits, spinning, dyeing and answer questions, my voice feels strained! It's fun when people ask so many questions and are interested in what you do.

Pure Angora and Alpaca Shawl

The crocheted shawl is coming along splendidly, at long last. It's a simple pattern, just triple and double crochet with increases at the point and each edge. But I'm liking the effect, with very fluffy angora I don't usually like a fussy pattern. I'm really enjoying working on this and will be sorry to let it go. But I really NEED to!

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