Friday, September 09, 2005


Hand Painted Merino/Angora yarn
Handpainted 60% merino/40% Angora Yarn

Yesterday I slept in because my gym buddy had a late night at work and just couldn't quite manage the early morning workout. We've been good this week with three mornings at the gym, so I didn't feel too guilty! Then I went out and collected out of the apple tree the yarn that I had painted and "cooked" in the crock pot. This was my first time with yarn in the crock pot; I have done several runs of roving and was pleased with the results there. But yarn needs a different and more thorough painting technique, I guess. I like the results but there are spaces on the yarn where I didn't get the color on very well. I think it will be OK for a lacy scarf/stole that I have in mind, though. This was a small run of fine yarn that was an experiment in my last yarn run. There isn't a lot of it so I thought using it for my first crock pot yarn would work well. It didn't, exactly, but I learned a lot about how I should approach this kind of project next time!

Cousin RJ arrived driving her own car! This was the first time we had been out since before her surgeries, and it was great to see her in fine form and feeling like taking a trip to town. We immediately headed for our favorite restaurant, where the food tasted great after our long absence. We didn't stay long, though, because it was COLD in the room with the air condition blasting. The waitress kindly turned it down but because we were early there weren't enough people there to absorb the chill! Still, we enjoyed the meal and had fun talking!

I had some things to pick up at the big store so RJ waited for me in the car, content with her crossword puzzles. Then we headed for a bookstore so she could look for a few light novels and some more puzzle books for herself and her sister. It was nice walking around with her and looking at things, discussing oddities and curiousities. I picked up a pretty little organizer notebook that was on sale to record sales for the craft shows, until I can get them into the computer at home. Hope that doesn't jinx me into not selling!

After a run out to get bags of bunny feed, we headed for home. It was a pleasant drive on such a beautiful day, with such a wonderful person as company. We talked of the usual, good and bad in the world and about books, a little about movies and about family. There's always a story!

Natural Colors Shawl
Beginning a shawl

After a little rest when I got home, I tended to the rabbits and settled down to winding some millspun mohair yarn to be dyed, hopefully today. I also started crocheting a shawl I want to make in natural colors of angora, wool, silk and alpaca. This one looks like it will work out much better than the last one I tried! I love working with natural colors again, although I also enjoy dyeing. But there's something about the rich chocolate of the alpaca, sparkling with silver silk, the more subtle grays and browns of chocolate angora, the creamy tones of the wool with tussah silk and fawn angora and the delicate tan of pure fawn angora that I just don't find with dyed fiber. I guess the delicacy of shading, which I can't duplicate in dyeing, is what appeals to me as I work with these yarns.

It's another lovely cool morning, with bright sunshine and clear skies. The stars seemed brilliant when we left for the gym, almost winter bright. When we came back we topped a hill to see Buffalo Mountain standing dark against an early sunrise, rising out of early morning mists in the lower blue hills.

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