Friday, September 30, 2005

Necessary Chores

house 003
Greenberry House Kitchen

Dad and I started cleaning house today. I'm not sure anyone will believe it so I'm enclosing pictures to prove it. While I love my house and adore to see it neat, I HATE being the one that does the work. Partly because it stirs up my allergies so much; this house is old and dusty and there's mold around, I'm sure. But mostly I don't do housework like I should because I get involved in so many other projects. The clutter gets ahead of me and then I put off tackling it until I just can't stand it anymore. Or until I know company is coming. Company is coming in October, lots of it, so I am knuckling down to the chores!

Dining area of kitchen
Dining area in half of kitchen

The house isn't impressively large; the rooms are cozy and I love all my stuff and enjoy having it on display. Some of the wall hangings are from my days with counted cross stitch. The others are metal signs, modern but fun because I used to raise chickens. I fell in love with the purple chairs at the antique shop where I used to work and had to have them. I painted the walls white when I moved in and had to put in a new floor, which I also painted. It all needs painting again but I want to remodel and expand the kitchen eventually and keep putting it off.

Kitchen at home
At long last, a light!

My parents had the kitchen remodeled when I was quite small; my mother's engagement ring is probably somewhere in the cabinets because it disappeared during construction. A local man put the cabinets in; his work is distinctive and I often recognize it in other houses. I like the shelves that are beside the windows and the hand-cut framing, as well as the cabinets with the glass doors. There used to be nice flour bins and a bread board, but those disappeared over the years and I use the spaces where the bins were to store my dye supplies. The renters that were here before me mended the pipes with duct tape and the sink cabinets are in bad shape and need replacing. But it's amazing how nice a coat of paint made the outside look. I had the plumbing redone (twice because the first time froze and burst) and am saving to do more work to the house when I can.

Today Dad and I replaced the kitchen light, which has been broken for about three years. He tried to do it but it's tough for him to balance on a ladder and reach overhead. So I hopped up and put it together the way he told me, with him watching very carefully to see that I got it right. It's really hard on the shoulders to reach up overhead and screw things together, but we did it! I was very proud of us both when I tripped the breaker back and the light came on!

More interesting things in between housework; I got a call-back from our tourism director in Patrick County with an invitation to demonstrate at their booth at the folk festival next weekend. It works out very well, since I'll be down there anyway representing the Lost Arts Guild with the Round the Mountain project booth. I dug out my very first hand spun shawl to loan to the Patrick County booth for display, carefully labeled "Not for Sale". It's from a Coopworth fleece I bought from Deer Run Farm in West Virginia; despite my inexperience with spinning it turned out pretty nice.

Sterling Shawl
Sterling Shawl

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