Friday, September 23, 2005

Going to the Chapel

Going to the Chapel
Small chapel, once Catholic, near Cockram's Mill

Interesting couple of days for me, as more people are bracing for hurricane weather in vulnerable areas in the Gulf. Holding everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Favorite cousin and I headed for our bi-weekly trip to town on Wednesday. She's feeling so much better after her summer of the surgeries. We visited several stores and had our favorite lunch, then headed home under clear skies and unseasonable warm weather. Nice to have her able to wander the shops with me and enjoy all the fun things!

angora shawl
Hand crocheted Angora and Alpaca Shawl

On Wednesday I finished the first of the three shawls I want to have ready for the National Folk Festival in October. I put a little picot edging on the shawl and I really like the result. Simple luxury!

The Happy Couple
Joan and Timmy, September 22, 2005

Yesterday evening I had the honor of officiating at the wedding ceremony of this nice young couple. I don't know either of them well but I have admired Joan's beauty for a long time. The ceremony was held at an old chapel built by an artist who came to the community many years ago. From what I understand she was involved in the foundation of a small Catholic monastery near the millpond that existed for many years.

Mural at the Chapel
Mural at the Chapel

The building has been remodeled by the current owners; I never saw it before the restoration but there were murals on all the walls. I don't know how much like the original art the new murals are. Each wall is done in sections and it's an impressive effect. The ceiling is wooden boards and there are large beams across the vault. A skylight acts as steeple. There was an impressive stone pulpit, waist level and large that was carved with religous symbols. Small wooden plaques represented the Stations of the Cross. Outside there was a small pond with a fountain.

Wedding Party

It was a small wedding, just family and friends of the couple. It was a sweet group, some people that I had known all my life and others I had met here and there. They held a reception nearby, just a small punch and wedding cake with friends gathered to chat. That was nice; I don't often get to visit with many of them.

Greeting the Newlyweds

We sent the happy couple on their way under a shower of birdseed, while the evening closed in quietly. Mist rose from the streams as I made may way home, and the night seemed dark without the full moon that has been so brilliant every night. I settled in after checking on my quince butter project; the stuff is very tart!

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