Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dropping In

Blue Ridge Autumn
Shades of Fall

I looked at my yarn basket up at the craft tent over the weekend and realized that there was too much blue in it. In trying to avoid purple, my favorite color, I must have subconsciously substituted blue, another color I like! So yesterday I was determined to produce a hand painted yarn with NO blue in it. This kid mohair yarn turned out very well; there is some variation from skein to skein but the overall effect is exactly what I was hoping for!

Blackberry Vine
Blackberry Vine

But back to purple! Blackberry vine is one of my top sellers in yarn, but if I don't sell the skeins I'll enjoy working with it to make a shawl or scarf this winter!

Sheared a beautiful boy yesterday, the Storybook Dreams pure buck that I'm calling Puff Boy, even though his official name is Alm-Uncle. Very sweet to work with, as I expected, until he flipped off my lap and messed his tummy wool up with debris. He has a beautiful crimp in his wool.

It was a quiet day yesterday, with some sun and some clouds, no rain. I was able to do some cleaning in the bunny house between pots of yarn. This morning I worked at the antique shop and in a few minutes I'm heading to my aunt's for computer stuff. So this is a drop in visit to the blog!

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