Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Chilly Morning

The view from the bunny house
View from the Barn

This is what I see when I sit and shear bunnies. This weekend I spent a lot of time just talking about what my life is like. People from the busy towns in North Carolina are fascinated by how we live here on the mountain, and I enjoy showing people that there are other ways to live that don't involve the fast lane and rat race. Probably my life is harder in ways that they wouldn't enjoy or want to deal with; tending animals and shoveling manure isn't always as much fun as I let on. But people seem to like knowing that I sit looking out over the fields with a contented rabbit in my lap, shearing him with a pair of scissors so that it's a peaceful experience. (I have no objection at all to shears; I just choose scissors from personal preference.) Sitting and spinning in the craft tent with other artisans around me is such a wonderful experience, even on days that aren't as successful financially as this weekend.

Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff
Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff

This is a bad picture of a beautiful rabbit! Puff was sheared a little over a month ago and his coat is coming in SO thick and fast! He's almost four months old and getting to be a big boy, too, with such a sweet, cheerful personality. He dives into his food every day with the gusto that a growing boy should show. This cool weather has all the bunnies happy and active; I've been using the pen in the dry weather daily to get them lots of fresh air and exercise!

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