Thursday, September 29, 2005


One minute the sun is shining outside; the next the clouds are rolling in. The wind is blowing and the surface of the pond is silvery ripples. Finally it feels like fall!

Yesterday was a lovely day, cool and sunny and perfect for getting bunny chores done. I sheared two lovely girls, Living Water Farm's Angel and Woolybuns Snickers. Both were happy to get rid of their heavy coats and were darling to shear. Angel had a beautiful coat, thick and soft and very even in length all over her. Even her legs had wool long enough to be prime and in good condition. It's funny to see Angel's eyes again; she is one of the poofy faced pure Germans. Snickers has good color and lots of wool, a bit softer than Angels but nice to work with. I popped her in with Delly's Delight Quenten to see if we could get some chocolate colored bunnies for the fall! She was amiable if not enthusiastic, so, although I didn't see a mating, we may have some results. Snickers is a chocolate doe and Quenten is a lynx buck, so chocolate colors are sure to be produced!

The rest of the day was spent in the not-so-glamorous task of hauling manure out of the bunny house and doing laundry. On a day like that, though, I don't mind either. I even managed a few rows on the lacy shawl and blocked the angora/alpaca one. I'm calling that Cinnamon and Allspice. I wanted to name it after a gray and brown moth that I see here but somehow the idea of moths and angora isn't appealing. I understand that angora is VERY attractive to wool moths; I haven't had those here but I don't want to jinx anything!

No craft tent this weekend. The wind is giving it fits and the upcoming Folk Festival is making a dent in our stock. Patrick County has a booth and Sue has been invited to send some of her gourds. But Sue will be back here next week with a jewelry vendor while I'm in Richmond.

Just noticed while updating my sidebar that I've had over 10,000 visits. Appreciate everyone stopping by!

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