Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Weekend Accomplishments

Weekend Accomplishments
Silk and angora, then mohair

A quiet weekend at the craft tent made for lots of spinning time. It's been nice to get into some of the stash. The Tintagel Farm 100% mohair roving was in the Autumn colorway and has turned out to be a nice variegated yarn. I like the subtle variations in color. There's probably one more skein left in the ball of roving for next weekend. The silk and angora is very pleasing to me; I like the textured bursts of silk color in the frosty angora. Despite not feeling wonderful all weekend, at least I accomplished something. I didn't sell anything but Sue sold a gourd on Sunday!

Yesterday was not so much about accomplishment, but we did run to town and pick up a load of rabbit feed. A friend is having car problems so I had a nice visit with her as I ran her home in the evening. I had to lay down after the trip to town to nurse the ear ache but it seems to be finally easing off after a day of aspirin and coddling. My favorite cousin is back in the hospital after coming home too soon, I think. A bit upsetting but reports are still good.

Hoping today to get some energy back and work on shearing some coats from little bunnies. Although it's lovely and cool right now, August is usually our hottest month and I want everyone to be comfortable! Laundry awaits as well and some computer chores for the antique store. Talked to the SO last night about an auction he went to over the weekend; sounds like some interesting items will be traveling down with him next trip!

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