Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rainbows, Shadows and Moonlight

Rainbow Shadow
Rainbows Shadows Merino/Angora Yarn

Spent the evening winding and labeling yarn to have ready for the craft tent today. I ran out of pricing stickers and ran up to the corner store to see if they had anything there that I could use. Almost always they have what I want; it's amazing for such a small store. But this time stickers weren't in stock. Fortunately they are all wonderful people and Cathy gave me a strip of stickers from their pricing gun. So I was all set! Lovely to live in a small town!

The adventure yesterday was trying to go to visit my father's uncle and aunt three hours away. Two other set of uncles and aunts were also going, but I knew where I thought they would be and was dumb enough not to ask questions about location at the time. When we got there, we found a house that had obviously been empty awhile and no one in the neighborhood that knew a thing about where are relatives were. I'm sure they are living with their daughter, but since it was NOT a small town no one knew anything about where we could find her. We exhausted all the ideas I had, church, school and more, and then came home. I felt bad about making such a long trip with gas prices so high but Dad was philosophical! Around here anyone could have told me ANYTHING I wanted to know about anybody!

I wanted to welcome a fine writer and excellent mind to blogging. My cousin Jane has started her own blog, Hillbilly, Please! and I'm enjoying her writing and witty posts immensely!

Thursday night Dad and I went to the Reynolds Homestead, a museum and research center in our county. They were showing a film that was one of the results of a project I worked with 25 years ago. Hard to believe it has been so long! The project's goal was recording changes that had taken place in Patrick County over time and it was very interesting to go out and talk to the people. I interviewed all over the county and learned even more than I already knew about our heritage. I was very young then and I would love to be able to do something like this again. I would appreciate it even more and know a lot more about what to ask. Unfortunately so many of the people we interviewed then are no longer with us. It was lovely, and sad, to watch those beautiful Patrick County faces and listen to those softly accented voices and know that they are gone. So many memories lost and so many experiences we can no longer share. But they are preserved in the film, on tape and on paper, which is something to be proud of.

Lily With the Pillows
Lily's Place

Lily was waiting when we got home. She is very happy with this old sofa that I bought 'for her' at a recent auction. The wicker one I had before just didn't have the space for a girl to stretch out and be comfortable. I know Susan who visited over the weekend thinks I'm terrible. I had rearranged the cushions for company and Lily objected to them. So I went over and fixed them to suit her. Susan now knows how spoiled Lily really is!

Last night the moon was brilliant; on the wane but still bright and the first time I have seen it this month! Moonlight spilled over my pillow and danced in the rising mist from the fields and pond. The air was very still.

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