Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ordinary Days

After a busy weekend at the craft tent, I spent yesterday running errands and catching up a little on laundry and washing dishes. It was a warm, breezy day and although allergies slowed me down, I felt like I accomplished something. Had a nice visit with Cousin RJ and worked on a special order scarf I hope to have done before this weekend. Worked on getting some china blanks ready for painting, since I actually sold some this weekend!

Bunnies were fine; happy with the cooler weather and the babies are growing like weeds. I had one doe, Snickers, that was supposed to kindle Saturday but she has gone along placidly without showing one sign of an interest in motherhood. Since she was cooperative when I bred her, I suspect that the buck may have been hit with too much heat earlier in the season. Either that or she's just not ready to be a mom. Seems to me that the larger does take longer to mature and settle into motherhood. I'll try her again when she's due for shearing.

While I was finishing up bunny chores in the evening I came out to see four white dogs and two beagles crossing the fields at the edge of the woods. They weren't doing any harm, but it's worrying to see so many dogs traveling together. This is the first time in awhile that I've seen dogs running loose like this. They are sure to get into trouble, with so many cattle in the area. One looked like a Great Pyrenees. I don't think that dogs could get into the rabbit barn but I keep watch all the same.

We hit the gym early this morning; tough to get up after a few days off. Friend Kym had been traveling for a festival so I know it was harder for her than it was for me. But we both felt much better because we did what we should! On the way home we hit a wall of fog just before we got to the Parkway. Really thick and I was glad I know the road so well. The fog has lifted now but it is overcast and cool, with breezes that feel damp and now the rain is falling. Woe to my Dad's socks, hanging on the line!

Since it's wet I'll probably work on the computer today and hope it clears up enough to get bunny chores done the rest of the week. Lily is sleeping on the couch; she doesn't want to go out into the rain. I'll have to rouse her, though, and get the morning feeding and watering chores taken care of. There's not putting off that sort of thing!

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