Sunday, August 07, 2005

Day of Interesting People

More painted porcelain for the craft tent

Wonderful day yesterday! I got moving early because I had some nice fiber orders to pack up and get to the post office, then a quick stop by the antique store to see what was happening. The boss was busy selling oak furniture. All this after doing bunny chores in an early morning that was bright and breezy. The rabbits were happy and active, enjoying the cool air.

We settled in at the craft tent after some refining chores to the tent itself. My nephew and his young friend helped us out and spent some time with us. Nice young fellows; they went fishing in the pond and had good questions about the spinning process. Enjoyed their company.

Some great people stopped by the tent; nice tourist customers and then some locals. A grand lady that is an artist and designer stopped in and we had wonderful conversations with her about all her experiences in art and travel. Quite nice to have her interested in what we were doing. Another delightful neighbor came through; it was wonderful to see her and she wanted a scarf for her granddaughter. Good to catch up with the news and her interesting family.

Then friend Kym and her friend from Chicago came by and it was wonderful to see them looking so happy and rested! A trip back to Chicago by air was a wise decision, and a Kym doll and painted leaf plate are going back, along with a sweet little gourd.

During the day I plied another skein of the silk noil and angora yarn; really like the way it has turned out. Then I spun and plied more of the Tintagel Farms mohair; looks like a small bobbin is left of the roving. Next in the work basket is some natural Coopworth in silvery hues; looking forward to working with that again!

We packed up under the threat of a storm but by the time I finished evening bunny chores the sun was shining again. I headed up to the local nursing home to visit the favorite cousin, who is recovering there from the recent surgeries. She's in fine form and it was wonderful seeing her so close to being home! I didn't stay long; it had been a busy day and I needed my dinner. We did some catching up and I hope to spend more time tomorrow with her.

This morning has dawned still and gray and there is no hint of what the day will be like. I've been watching Malachi out the window. He's been at the edge of the field, sitting at first as if he was watching something and now lying almost hidden in the grass. I suppose when we go outside we will interrupt his hunting.

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