Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Catching Up

Home again and I've spent the morning catching up on the news about the hurricane. So many sad stories. We had our tiny share of it last night; wind and heavy rains but as far as I can see no damage. The craft tent needs some minor adjustments, I think, due to the wind. Your heart has to go out to those who are suffering so much loss in the hurricane's path.

Yesterday Dad and I spent the day at the VA Medical Center, learning all about diabetes management through exercise and diet. All very sensible and correct, well presented and logical. My dad, not one for enthusiasm, filled out the evaluation sheet with 'outstanding' on nearly every aspect of the program. Although we learned a lot I don't know if we will do what we should to preserve our health. I'm a prime candidate for diabetes, being overweight and with it in the family background. But...!

A package of yarn and scarves to dye arrived while we were gone yesterday; fun to prowl through that last night and start thinking of colors. I'd like to have a few pieces ready for this weekend; I'll be busy! Not to mention being behind in bunny chores again after two days "off".

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