Saturday, August 27, 2005

Busy Day Ahead


There is an interesting light outside. Hard to describe. Very still and cool; the sky is a little pink over gray. The green of the fields is beginning to pale, with the browning heads of red clover and the heavy, pale salmon of milkweed above the dark green of ironweed down by the creek. The fading blooms of the Rose of Sharon and the opening of Autumn Joy remind me of the coming days of fall. A cricket serenaded my sleep last night.

Yesterday morning I packed up angora to send off and was hit by an allergy 'spell' that wrecked the rest of the day. So I put off bunny chores, like shearing, that I wanted to do. I don't have too many that need shearing, fortunately, and can make it up early next week. But I don't like getting behind! I spent the day pricing jewelry and dozing, with a nice visit to my recovering cousin that is at home now. Sweet to sit in her lovely house and talk about everything under the sun!

Today we have to get going early and set up the craft tent, then I'm running off with the SO to look at a house he's interested in about an hour and a half away. He's thinking of moving down closer; Dad asked me why the town he's considering. I said it was because I didn't want him too close. I thought Dad would never stop laughing!

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