Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bunny House Work

Greenberry's Blueberry
Greenberry's Blueberry Belle

Spent the day yesterday cleaning rabbit trays and shearing and tattooing a delightful litter. I like a sweet bunch of rabbits that are calm about shearing; I did four bunnies yesterday. Every one of them was quiet and didn't give me any trouble with any part of the process. And they posed nice for pictures for the web page. Lots of bucks there now, though!

This darling girl is staying here with me. Blueberry is really Blueberry II; I had a lovely doe from a similar breeding that escaped from her cage and didn't do well in a fight with a cat. Sad things happen sometimes. This girl is a gentle little one. I decided I wanted to separate her from her brothers and put her in a cage with Maggie. Maggie didn't like having company, though, and had Blueberry cowering in a corner. They're young to be territorial but I had to rescue Blueberry. I popped her in with a couple of pure does and there was another ruckus. I finally just moved all the young does around to different cages. Everyone was some place new and they all settled in just fine. The weather was nice yesterday so I was able to let rabbits play outside. They are so enjoying the cooler breezes and temperatures!

Lily is perking up with the cool weather, too. We took a walk Tuesday down to my mom's, along a changed Concord Road. Summer is passing, Joe Pye weed is making a dramatic stand along the roadsides and Queen Anne's Lace decorates the edges of the field. There's a different feel in the air and the woods are quiet, insects call instead of birds in the trees. Lily paddled in the creek and the water was cool and clear. At my mom's pond the bluegills came up to see what we were doing but no frogs jumped, as is usual when we visit there. But fresh corn at my mom's for dinner was a welcome result of the changing season; Lily sat on the porch and watched us eat.

Then yesterday morning Lily and I had a game of Chase the Sock. I had an extra navy sock on the line so I tied knots in it for Lily to fetch. She loved the idea; it seemed to be more fun for her than chasing the tennis ball. The ball disappeared during lawn mowing one day but it's been too warm for romps. Lily came in tired and collapsed by my chair for a nap. I heard her whimpering and looked to see her sleeping and wagging her tail. She must have been having a good dream!

Before and after rabbit chores I worked on putting jewelry and bunnies up on the Greenberry House web page. I finally got all the pictures and information up on the All Seasons page and updated the Meadows of Dan page with some events that will be happening in the community this fall. Still more to do, of course.

It's cool and cloudy right now, with some fog on the near horizon. The weather people promise clearing and sunshine today, but I'll be working indoors with more computer stuff. I'm thinking about baby booties, too. People have been coming and asking for baby things at the craft tent. People can be allergic to angora so I haven't done any baby things, but maybe booties would be safe. I have some colors that would be sweet for little ones, I think. All I have to do is make up a design to crochet.

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