Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to the Days Away

Secret Visitor
Special Little Visitor Trying on Gourd Mask

Another busy week, with a short trip, the craft tent and then Dad's class requirements for VA taking up some time. Saturday I set up my wares at the craft tent and then relucantly left the girls, because I had promised to go look at a Victorian house with the SO. Dad came along and although it rained some, we had an interesting trip. Our route followed one that we used to take for family vacations to visit Dad's relatives, so it was interesting to see how things had changed, and how some had stayed the same. The house was a lovely shabby gem in a small town that has seen better times. My friend put in an offer and we're waiting to see what happens. I forgot to take the camera but if he gets the house we'll be heading back soon.

Sunday was lovely, with sunshine and some cool breezes. It was fun to set up with sweet Emily, savvy and knowledgable Cheryl and Sue, happy in her surroundings and busy with plans for next week's big festival. Emily's charming little girl came by and modeled Sue's red gourd mask. Sue had honey as well as her gourds and some produce, while Emily was busy packaging her beeswax candles. Cheryl crocheted and sold lovely potholders and had cushions and other nice hand-sewn pieces. I plied some chocolate angora and then started spinning the silvery Coopworth again. We had some visitors and the time flew by with all the contented busy activity.

Vacant home

The monarch had flown by the time we came back for the weekend, leaving only a tattered remnant of her chrysalis. There are so many butterflies in the fields this year; monarchs are just one species that float over the aging flower heads. I saw a pair of crows and a big black butterfly this morning; the butterfly was hovering over the crows and they didn't seem to notice it.

Today Dad and I spent the day with VA; not a very interesting tale. There are required classes he has to take to keep up his veteran's benefits. I had always heard negative things about the Veteran's Administration but I have to say that the people and the facility at Roanoke are impressive. Everyone there has been so helpful in helping us navigate the paperwork and other requirements of keeping Dad healthy. And now he can go to our local clinic under his VA insurance, which saves so much trouble!

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