Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Summer Days

Gettysburg Reenactors 2005
Gettysburg Reenactors 2005

This stalwart crew is my SO's Civil War reenactment group. They all survived Gettysburg again this year. While we were enjoying the craft show this weekend the annual event was held at Gettysburg. I was able to participate as a civilian reenactor once and really enjoyed it. I was surprised how few people had seen a spinner at such an event.

Things are settling down here after all the excitement and I've been catching up on bunny chores. On Friday Amber was running around with all her feed hay stuffed in her mouth, anxiously looking for a place to nest. She's not due until tomorrow but I put a nest box in for her anyway. She is over that initial frenzy and layng around looking disgusted with the whole situation. The other two does that I bred, Snickers and Misty, are showing no signs of maternal inclinations. It's still a little early for them, though.

Barn swallow eggshells
Barn Swallow Eggshells

I've been worried that all the activity in the bunny house would discourage the barn swallows. A pair industriously built a nest right outside the bunny house door and I'm down there so much. But yesterday I went down and discovered these delicate brown freckled shells on the steps leading into the rabbit's section of the shed. So I know that the birds are still tending their nest.

Shearing and cleaning chores go on, even with other activities. I sheared Dandy at the end of last week and tackled Greenberry's Thomas Delaplane yesterday. Tommy is such a lamb for shearing; I think he went to sleep! The breezes were cool and a little brisk so I sat in the shed in front of the bunny house door. Rabbits munched on hay behind me and lazy cats draped across the woodpile, wondering why I was wasting so much time on a rabbit. Tommy has a near relative, Jack, at the Riverrim; we've discovered that they are almost the same rabbit! Or at least they have almost the same ancestors. Tommy and Eliza, his sister, are from my oldest line here. They are both sweethearts, demanding attention even before food and with lovely rich color in their wool.

Babies are growing fast; I need to get some more tattooing done but it's just warm enough to make me worry about droopy ears. The black babies are such darlings; little puffball faces everywhere! Some of them have eyes that look blue, which means that they aren't really black. With my lines, they are probably non-agouti chinchilla. This means that they carry the chinchilla gene but since they are self-colored, the chinchilla coloring doesn't show up.

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