Friday, July 08, 2005

Sad and Bitter Days

Much sorrow in the world as attackers rocked London with bombs aimed at innocent people. Rain fell here through the day as we heard details of sadness, pain and courage as people dealt with bombs in London, flooding in North Carolina and hurricanes in Haiti.

I managed to get out to the bunny house early before the rain came in too hard and saw that Amber had filled her nest box with wool. A check later in the day revealed a nice litter of nine bunnies. Life goes on, even as human tragedy echoes through the world.

I spent the day quietly, with the rain falling steadily through the day. Computer work took up the morning, until the rumble of thinder warned me to get disconnected. I spent the afternoon spinning the rest of the yellow Shetland/mohair roving from Lura that I dyed. It made a nice yarn for my shawl project.

Yellow Handspun Shetland/mohair Yarn
Shetland/mohair handspun yarn

Late afternoon brought friend Kym and a heavy rain that accompanied us to the restaurant at Mabry's Mill. Cousin Jane soon joined us and we had a lovely time discussing our different lifestyles, movies, being in your 30s and many other subjects. I'm past the 30s, with relief! It's an honor to know such beautiful and intelligent young women! Jane shared clothes with me; some lovely shirts and a handsome dress. I tell people that they come from Boutique Jane. The rain was coming down so hard I was drenched by the time I got home.

Quiet returned with the evening. Lily curled up on the little sofa beside me while I read, and then I started plying the singles I spun at the craft show and during the day yesterday. The rains still fell as the spinning wheel turned. When I went upstairs I could hear the solid drumming of rain on tin and it was cozy to fall asleep under the eaves, with Lily nestled at my feet.

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