Monday, July 11, 2005

One of Those Days

My laptop computer, an old and faithful companion, became ill on Friday. By yesterday I realized that the condition was terminal and had to go out and buy a replacement. The only thing I lost for sure is my email contacts, so if there is anyone out there that I've been corresponding with, drop me a line so I can get you back!

The rest of the weekend was lovely, though. Amber's bunnies are doing well and the rest of the rabbits are happy with the pleasant breezes and sunny days. I've caught up on shearing, pretty much, and need to do some housekeeping for my favorite visitor, Chris from Woolybuns, when she comes down. My sister-in-law and I spent Saturday and Sunday at the craft tent. We were the only crafters there but we had a nice turnout of visitors. Especially on Sunday. Sue sold lots of gourds; she's going to be a busy girl creating some more lovely pieces. I sold yarn and got lots of work done on the two shawls I've been crocheting. I also spun up some angora on my little book charka, just to show the little thing off. The Reeves wheel gets more attention, though, so I guess it will make the trip up to the tent next time!

Today I'll be setting up and getting friendly with this new computer. It's very nice and very fast but we need to get to know each other!

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