Thursday, July 07, 2005

Day of Contentment

Yesterday was the warmest day we've had so far this year, but the breezes blew across the fields and the house felt cool. In the morning I worked on the computer and put more glassware on the web page and I've been neglecting the antiques and the books with so many interesting things going on! While I worked, rabbits and bunnies played outside, as I took breaks from the computer to swap them out. The babies are delightful when they get their chance at the pen, although I feel like I have to watch over them as they play. I don't THINK the cats would bother them, but---!

In the early afternoon I hung out laundry and went down the hill to the bunny house. Greenberry's Autumn Joy was ready to have her hot, thick wool removed and she was an angel as I sat in the shed under the extra tarp we rigged up for more shade. As I worked the barn swallows flew busily above the tarp over my head. As each reached their high nest a single chirp alerted me, and I would look up to watch as the parent bird stuffed hungry little mouths. It only took seconds and then the swallow darted away to sail across the fields in search of more food for the demanding chicks. Occasionally a tiny head with a bright yellow over-sized beak would peer over the edge of the nest, hoping for a faster return of a meal! I amused myself with thinking of bird conversations between parent and child and what might be said among the chicks in their cool mud nest.

I finished The DaVinci Code last night. Very interesting, particularly since I've studied some of the ancient documents referred to. It was fun to see how an author blends history, interpretation and fiction to create a novel. My aunt gave me the book and I'll be passing it on, as she requested, to Chris, if she want it!

I sat down to spin a little while last night, but was too tired to do very much. I'm finishing up Lura's Shetland/mohair roving that I dyed. While people watched I did a lot of spinnng at Crafts in the Meadows, and I have green and yellow singles to ply this weekend when I set up with Sue at the Meadows of Dan Farmer's Market. She's planning another craft show for Labor Day with lots more activities.

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