Monday, July 04, 2005

Crafts in the Meadows

Crafts in the Meadows
Greenberry House Booth, Crafts in the Meadows

What a wonderful weekend! I haven't been near the computer in days and owe so many emails and I'm so behind in work, but it's been a terrific time here at Greenberry House. Things started out nicely on Friday when Terri of Living Water Farm came by with her lovely daughter Amanda to pick up their pure German bunny from the litter Greenberry's Highland Mary had with Woolybuns Yankee Doodle Dandy. It was lovely to visit with them and catch up on all the news from Natural Bridge. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the craft show weekend, printing flyers and gathering up pieces to sell. It's been awhile since I did a craft show so I was really looking forward to it.

Saturday was quiet. I sat spinning in the cool breezes, talking to my sister-in-law and the two authors she had invited to set up at the show. Jame Cambell and Ken Henderson are fine representatives of the Appalachian Authors Guild, entertaining, articulate and just plain fun. Even though there weren't a lot of people coming down to the tent, we all sold items and were content with how nice everything looked and how lovely the day was. A nice break came when a lovely family came down from Northern Virginia to pick up two bunnies. The kids were so special; I'm going to be watching to see what wonderful things they accomplish in the future!

Crafts in the Meadows
Setting Up

Sunday dawned with fog and rain; I overslept and was very disappointed because Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm had called the night before to say she couldn't come. She had a bad fall in her barn when she tripped over a kitten, and was in so much pain when she tried to drive down that she had to turn back. I was really looking forward to having her stay the night and talk over all sorts of ideas and projects. Sandra has a background in tourism and promotions that has been very helpful to me over the years!

Crafts in the Meadow But I comforted myself with knowing that Lura of Friendship Farms would be coming in and just as the rains moved out and the sun started peering through the clouds, I saw Lura's truck pull in. We unloaded her tri-loom and the beautiful shawls she makes from her mohair, and looked up to see Sandra's truck pulling in! She was limping but cheerful, and we were so excited to see her! Lura and I helped upload the truck and we were soon filling up the tent.

Crafts in the Meadow Things really started getting busy soon, and I was tied up talking to people and demonstrating spinning while Lura showed people how to weave on her tri-loom and was draping the gorgeous shawls she makes over people so that they could feel how soft and elegant they are. Sandra was demonstrating with a rug loom and had a beautifully old-fashioned pattern cloth to weave. She was beside me so I took the opportunity between customers to get caught up on the news about tourism and how things are in the cove.

Crafts in the Meadows My sister-in-law crafts gourds, and the Meadows of Dan Farmer's Market, her new venture, was the host of the Crafts in the Meadows show. The pieces that Sue makes are so beautiful. Sandra, Lura and I all admired the same piece, a wonderful beaded purple jug. Sue was busy selling her wares and coordinating the show all day and did a fantastic job.

The Comptons and Sammy ShelorThings really started hopping when my brother, Sammy Shelor, joined a local band, The Comptons, that was nice enough to come out and make the craft show a real festival. Everyone enjoyed the music and they entertained us for the entire afternoon.

Sammy Shelor and author Ken Henderson Sammy was tired; he had just come off the bus from a show in Kentucky and said he hadn't had a day off in six weeks. So it was really good of him to come out and support his wife's new venture. The Comptons are great fellows, though, so I'm sure he enjoys seeing them and getting the chance to jam a little.

Crafts in the Meadows The Meadows of Dan Farmer's Market will be open through the summer and into fall through October. I'm working on some idea for some different items to add to my crocheted pieces and look forward to some fun weekends!

Tired Out
Tired Out

I staggered home last night after packing up and relaxed with my books. My aunt brought me The Da Vinci Code last week: I'm probably the last person in the country to read it. But I've set aside a stack of Jane Austen I've been rereading to dive into this new book and it's fascinating. It's raining this morning; soggy time to get to the bunny chores. Today I'll be at the antique shop doing paperwork and tonight I hope to catch up on emails!

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