Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cloudy Day

Outside and in my head the clouds are looking dull and gray. But after the heat, the clouds and possibility of rain are welcome, in spite of the fact that my laundry is out on the line. Allergies not so welcome, but I had a better day yesterday. Some other bloggers have been sort of out of action because of physical stuff; hope they're all better soon!

Breezes were wonderful yesterday, sun warm but with a breeze I can handle what heat we have here. The house stayed nice and cool all day, making it pleasant to finish up the painted porcelain pieces I wanted to get done for this weekend. I went down to the bunny house and sheared Greenberry's Highland Mary. She was happy to get that thick coat off and I was happy to fill my bins with gorgeous wool. She raised a litter between clippings but still produced a nice 10 ounces of wool with no matting and pretty much all prime. Love a girl like that!

Little Puff 'n Stuff seemed pretty unhappy yesterday when I went in for Mary, so I sheared him down as well. It's a bit earlier than I usually take a baby coat, so there wasn't a big yield. I don't use baby coats as prime, anyway. But the wool Puff did produce seems to have a nice texture and a good length. He was much more cheerful when I went down to feed in the evening.

Misty had a white baby loose in the tray below her cage. I don't know how he got out but when I scooped him up and put him back, I realized that a chocolate one was missing. I moved her and the litter to a different cage, in case there's an opening I can't see in her old one. The chocolate baby was under the bunny house but I couldn't catch him. I put the nest box down by the barn and hope that he will go in it during the night.

Visited with my mom on the way back from the antique shop and post office yesterday evening. They're dealing with the heat, too. But the breezes were blowing through the house and it was pleasant sitting and visiting. Mom gave me some lovely raspberries that added a pleasant treat to my breakfast!

Lily and I walked over to the pond to feed the fish last night. She had to guard me from the doorstop the neighbor's put out until she determined that it wasn't a real fuzzy cat. We walked around the pond, watching the little birds darting through the blackberry vines. There are lots of berries on the stems but they're all red right now. Blackberries usually start to ripen in August around here.

Quiet evening; I shut down the computer because it was supposed to storm but there was just a small rumble of thunder. I washed dishes yesterday and did some laundry. Don't tell anyone I did housework! But the gremlins have been busy and the house has almost reached the point that it's unbearable to live here. And I expect a young bunny lady this weekend to pick up her two little ones. They're all heading for Colorado soon; what an adventure!

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