Thursday, July 21, 2005

Best Friends

Lily enjoying the sunshine and breezes
Lily in the sun

We got out early this morning because my father had a doctor's appointment and I had a lot to do. Lily stayed out as long as I could let her, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breezes while the laundry snapped over her head and the cats played in the shade. Lily hasn't been feeling well this week. I think she was mad about being in the kennel, plus a flea treatment and distemper shot did not help her mood! She seems happier today after some time in the sun. Since she has some arthritis, I imagine the warmth feels good.

Malachi in the sun
Malachi helping out

The black cat, Malachi, also decided that sunshine and breezes were wonderful, and he accompanied me during bunny chores. I looked out very early and saw a swirl of barn swallows threading through the air above the barn, and I thought my little nest must have been trying their wings. But when I went down there were still four heads chirping wildly as the busy parents fed them.

About half of Amber's big litter was out of the nest box this morning, with their eyes open and ready to explore their little world. I reached in to turn the nest box on the side so that they can get in and out as they want. One of the black ones started, saw me and flew to the open door, as if to say, "OK, who are YOU?" Then he tried to tumble over the ledge; I caught him and he was happy to be petted. This is an active bunch. Poor Amber!

I went over to my best friend's house this morning to install a new computer for her. Lately I've been thinking about how lucky I am to know such great people. This friend has been through everything with me; we both lost the closest people imaginable to us within a year and worked and played together for years. I don't see her so much anymore but I value her friendship very much and enjoy the limited time we spend together working on projects. She's a complicated young woman, very passionate and caring with a dedication to her missions and goals that many people probably have trouble understanding. She's a lot tidier than I am, has adopted more cats than she wanted even though she's not a cat person and her home is lovely. Out in a big field with horses (and a mule) grazing on the hill, chickens roaming the garden, two white dogs ambling around the yard and ducks on the pond. She raised a wonderfully beautiful and intelligent daughter, pretty much alone, while building a successful business in an area where success isn't always easy to come by. I'm proud to know her!

Cathy is part of the reason I'm thinking along these lines, today and yesterday. She asked for a description of the weekend with Chris, and then yesterday I received a surprise with her address on it in the mail. I was delighted to open it up and breathe in the scent of dirt. (Dad asked, "Who's mailing DIRT?") Of course it was the wonderful iris roots she promised me, and I went out yesterday evening to clear out a spot to plant them, close to the door so that I will see them when they bloom, if not next year then certainly the year after. So here's another friend to be thinking of as I work, a lovely lady I've never met face to face but I feel that I know well!

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