Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wonder Bun

This is a terrible picture of a gorgeous chocolate doe. Woolybuns Snickers is a little over eight months old and at nine pounds rivals my largest pure doe, Mary, for size. But she is absolutely unsurpassed here for wool production. Yesterday I sheared her and peeled off 383 grams of gorgeous wool. That's thirteen and a half ounces. Not bad for a German cross! Snickers is 81.75% German from solid, old line stock and her color is wonderful, which is even more important to me than production in the crosses.

Snickers is a big girl, about as big as I want a doe to be to fit into my lap comfortably. She was a little cranky yesterday; I wasn't feeling well either and it took a long time to shear her. But when I popped her in with Chocolat, hoping to breed her, she got REALLY annoyed! Poor Chocolat. He's such a pretty fellow but both of his girls lately have rejected him. I tried them three times yesterday and there was no obvious result. I may have to consult a certain bunny charmer for her secrets!

Since Snickers is so big, she may just not be mature yet. I've noticed in some of my pure does that they just aren't ready to be mothers as early as some of the crosses. So I'll try to wait patiently until Snickers decides she wants to be a mom!

It was nice shearing Snickers, despite her little bit of restlessness, down in the barn. It was cooler with a lovely breeze. The babies played or slept, with the usual careless ease of the young. It's amazing how totally they relax, going limp in random piles of fluff or stretching out across the wire in luxurious elegance. I'm watching Mary's bunnies now, to see which little doe I'll be keeping. One bunny keeps catching my eye!

The rest of the day was spent on the computer. I'm trying to finish up the All Seasons web pages and I put some jewelry on Greenberry House. Had an interesting discussion with Kim over at The Woolen Rabbit about genetics. She wants the darling lynx doe I posted the picture of yesteday! I'm thrilled to have such a sweet bunny go to such a great home!

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