Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Tent is UP!

Meadows of Dan Farmer's Market
Meadows of Dan Farmer's Market
A quiet day Sunday with lots of rest was just what I wanted. My aunt from Connecticut stopped by for a few minutes and saw the bunnies. Little Lilac Gem was in the mood for lots of attention and was happy to be petted by both my aunts while they visited. My aunt from Connecticut left a book I'd been trying to get for awhile; very glad to have it. Wish she could have stayed a little longer!

Yesterday made up for the quiet day Sunday. We tackled the bunny barn and got floors and trays clean for the week. My chocolate chin buck, Solly, was glad of a haircut in the warmer weather and got to play outside until my yard man showed up. Solly didn't seem alarmed but I was afraid the lawn mower might be more than he could stand!

Getting things started
Getting Started
Just as we finished up working in the bunny house, my brother and a friend from California came over to get pieces of the tent that they're putting up for the new business my sister-in-law is starting. The SO and I went along and helped put the legs under the frame for the roof. We had a lunch date with RJ so we could only help for a little while. But we got the legs under the frame, with the help of some locals that stopped by while we were working.

Lunch with RJ was splendid, with her good company. We visited Mabry's Mill and the restaurant there with their good breakfast menu. When we came back the work crew was gone, so we did some errands. On Sunday we had visited a local shop and discovered some windows that we hope will work perfectly in our building project.

Up!And Up!
Up and Up!

And UP!
And UP!

By the time we came back the crew had returned from some work they had to get done on some of the supports. Then they began the big job of getting the canvas roof onto the tall frame. Three men pulled it up and over. It only took two tries; the first attempt was foiled by the wind, which had been still until they started!

Straping Things Down

After lots of fine tuning and putting up the end and sides, the job was finished. A lot of the work focused on making the tent secure in high winds, common here on the mountain. Yesterday cool breezes blew most of the day but I saw some sunburned faces. Everything is ready for the craft show, Crafts in the Meadows, next weekend!

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