Friday, June 17, 2005


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Yesterday morning was bright and cool, with lovely breezes waving the long grass in the fields. Malachi tore past me as I walked down to the bunny house, wild and dangerous. He teased Lily all morning, knowing just where to be to stay out of her reach. He likes to climb into the Rose of Sharon while I fill bunny bottles.

A little work at the antique shop, laundry snapping on the line, and computer work filled my day, with a few bunny chores. In the afternoon I went to my aunt's lovely house on the hill. The view in every direction is lovely there. You can look out across a neighbor's brilliant and well-kept garden, or down into the beautiful greens of my aunt's lovely herb bed. Across the hills the light danced, sunshine and shadow as clouds drifted by, sweeping a dozen different colors of green.

When I got home the farmer was here, cutting the grass that has grown higher than my head. He will have a wonderful hay crop this year. I dashed to rescue my electric cords that run from the house to the rabbitry. The grass is so thick I had quite a time finding the cords and getting them out! It was beautifully cool last night so the bunnies were fine without them.

My sister-in-law and brother stopped by, admiring their handsome tent and planning for the placement of it. She has been working hard on her grand opening and has some interesting crafters and other people lined up. Should be fun!

Then Dad and I headed down to the Reynolds Homestead to watch an old movie that I had been wanting to see. From way back when I was in high school, 1776, a sort of musical history. Fun to see some people from below the mountain and a neighbor that is a postcard dealer.

And finally home, and rest. This morning I can look out at the hay drying in the sun. Patterns of lines and little hummocks, gray and brown and green, with blackbirds soaring and crows pacing.

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