Sunday, June 12, 2005

Not About Bunnies...Much

Fog again yesterday, with rain at times. I had a delightful visit from Diane, who came from Roanoke to chose her bunny. She left with Autumn Joy's handsome chocolate agouti buck, christened 'Sandy'. Terrific name. We had a nice visit and I know Sandy is going to be a happy bunny.

Quick meeting with my sister-in-law about her plans for the farmer's and crafter's market. Everything is shaping up. Then she went off to check on crafters from the Cherry Festival for both her show and the Meadows of Dan one. I worked on getting some more information for that show in the afternoon and took some pictures for the web page. It was such a dull, gray day that I didn't feel inspired to do bunny chores! And damp angora isn't any fun to shear off a rabbit!

Big event of the day. I went with a group of friends to a contra dance at a neighboring town. As near as I can find out, contra dancing is a traditional country dance form, sort of like a square dance or Virginia reel. Sort of. Years ago I did a little of it, but I'm still pretty confused about where to be when and how to get there most of the time! The music is old-time, sort of Celtic in flavor and repetitive so that it sets the count for the dance. This is where we were and there are lots of links about contra dancing. It's a tremendous amount of fun and most of the dancers are either as inexperienced as I am, or very nice about mistakes!

Contra dancing reminds me of English romances, when they gathered for similar dances and there was so much more formality. The women last night almost all wore long skirts and when I sat out it was pretty to watch the movement of the dance and the swirling fabric during swings and turns. It would be lovely to see a dance in Victorian or Edwardian costume.

Back not so late, but oh, I was tired this morning! Got the bunny chores done and then did some more running for the festival information and picked up some bunny feed. Then Dad and I went down to visit a favorite cousin and his wife that don't live very far away. We had a terrific visit talking family and looking at old pictures. The trip down was very foggy, but the weather seemed to clear on the way home. Now it's raining. Surprise.

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