Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mountain Nights

Last night I stood on a lonely mountain. In the distance, just above the trees, lightning flashed a constant warning as a storm battered a neighboring town. On my mountain the only sound was the wild clatter of insects in the long grass and crickets near the stones on the ridge. All around me fireflies were rising from the wet grass, flashing their own signals in a dance that seemed to answer the savage storm.

Tonight I am home, listening to thunder rumble above after another storm here and rain most of the afternoon. Cozy to sit and spin in my quiet house while the rain falls on the fields outside. A few peonies have opened, however, and will be drooping against the grass in the morning. And it is rain, again. I prefer a stormy day to a dull soggy one, but it is still--rain!

Busy weekend. Another day at the flea market with the sun shining was much more successful than last weekend. I packed up because we are really working on getting this building up now. We went to Stuart and started the process with permits. My sister-in-law is getting her project geared up and things should be hopping here on the farm soon! Another meeting of the Merchants Association about the folk fair was also encouraging with some exciting activities planned. I wrote up a press release for it, which I copied to the web site.

Yesterday I sheared two rabbits, one a gorgeous fawn doe that I immediately bred to my German buck. I also sheared a handsome black rabbit that I have left from one of the fall litters. I've been eyeing this one because of the gorgeous color and density of his coat, but I also have Tommy, also gorgeous, from the same litter and a beautiful doe, Eliza, that is their sister. You just can't keep them all! Anyway, I sheared this rabbit off, admiring the pewter color and crimp in his wool in this second shearing from him. He was an absolute angel, another reason to like him. But when I turned him over to do his belly I realized that he was a doe! This can get so embarassing, especially with a rabbit that you've sheared before!

So I don't know which of these two gorgeous does will be staying, but one of them will be for sale. I may chose the "buck" because she is a tiny bit larger. They come from a line of fantastic mothers and both have wonderful, richly colored wool. A hard decision to make!

Fall Glory and Spruce Green
Fall Glory and Spruce Green

A little spinning tonight, working on more samples of my dyed roving. I like the resulting yarn. It's soft with some bloom and has a nice sheen from the mohair. I also tried working on some patchwork ideas for some silk wall hangings. I've discovered that I don't know much about patchwork! I think a visit to the library or on-line used book store might be in order!

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