Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's the Sun!

I almost didn't realize it at first, when I woke up this morning to bright sunshine. It's been foggy for so long every morning. The birds are singing wildly outside, greeting the new day, and the cockatiel is shrieking happily in return!

Yesterday greeted us with more rain and fog. Or maybe it was an insult. Anyway, since it was too dark to do any bunny pictures (or much of anything else), I tackled some computer work I've been setting aside for awhile while the rains came again. And I packed up an order of angora for a customer in Georgia and mailed that out. I went out to check the bunnies at one point and the grass was flattened by rain and wind across my path. Red-winged blackbirds out in the field were calling wildly; I wondered if the rain had disturbed their nests.

The barn swallows finished their nest up in the eaves of the bunny house barn. Every time I go in they fly out and soar around calling. I'm afraid my presence will disturb them too much and they'll leave. I was hoping they would continue to use the lower shed of the barn; we rarely go in there. The new nest is well away from the bunny house door, however, so things might work out.

In the evening friend Kym called and we went to town for some things she needed and some bunny feed. Fun to walk around in the stores, looking at beautiful clothes and things. I resisted mightily until we went to the craft supply store. Then I lost my head. I went in to just pick up some waste canvas to try cross-stitch designs for these little crazy quilt squares. But of course right beside that were some gorgeous glass seed beads. I've been thinking about a design with colors of the fields outside.... Then I found the $1.00 bins, so had to pick up some ribbon, just in case it worked with some design, and some notepads and some notebooks and then they had these wine boxes really cheap that you could do SOMETHING with...oops!

Chris over at Woolybuns showed much more willpower at the Fiber Frolic in Maine. And at Out of Hand Elaine just described her fun time at a spinning seminar. I'm looking forward to some quality fiber folk time with Sandra of Thistle Cove Farm and Lura of Friendship Farm during the 4th of July weekend. So then maybe I won't be so envious of all the good times I'm missing with the fiber gatherings! And I want to welcome Dawn to the world of blogging: she's just joined in with Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost from Nova Scotia. It will be fun to get to know her better!

Today I'm hoping to get some bunny pictures up on the www.greenberryhouse.com web pages. It's time to take the babies away from the mothers and try to figure out which are boys and which are girls. Also to start thinking about which ones I'll keep. That's always fun!

There was a crescent moon last night when I walked Lily in the wet grass. A few scattered stars between the clouds that were finally breaking up twinkled in a sky that looked almost textured in shades of gray, blue and black. I turned off the light in my bedroom and sat in my little chair to watch the fireflies rise from the long grass in the fields. They stayed low above the grass, signaling against the light mist that rose with them in random flashes. A soft breeze rustled the sweet shrub below the window and the faint scents of wild roses and fresh greenery drifted to me on the wind.

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