Friday, June 24, 2005

Home Again

Nice day yesterday, quiet at home taking care of chores and catching up with bunny news. All is well in the bunny house. Snickers, the doe that was so angry with me last week about breeding her, is back to her old cheerful self. Baby bunnies are getting lots of new homes in the next few weeks and I'm hoping for more litters soon!

I did have one little bunny drop an ear this year. This happens occasionally; I think partly due to heat. I'm not sure if weak ears are always inherited; I think they could be some of the time. This line has had one other bunny drop an ear when it moved from my cool mountain to a hot environment. The little fellow that dropped his ear this time was holding it up pretty well a couple of days ago; sometimes they come back up!

Dawn asked about a black rabbit with shorter hair than angora that she has seen kept as pets. There are so many pet rabbit breeds; some are also used as meat rabbits. I saw a charming little rex rabbit at one rabbitry; he nearly purred when you petted him. My sister-in-law used to raise satins as a meat rabbit when she lived in Connecticut. They're pretty enough for pets!

Chocolate mint has a wonderful scent! Mrs. Cooke suggested a couple of uses for it: she puts it into her brownies and said it would be wonderful added to hot chocolate. So the minty flavor comes out in cooking, apparently. I'm looking forward to using it. And the way it spreads, I'll probably have lots to give away next year! I love the Gladys Tabor books, Maggie Ann; she and May Sarton have been major influences on my lifestyle!

While I was away my sister-in-law and helpers put together part of her tent and did some other work. So hopefully everything will be ready by next weekend. I keep reminding her of the countdown I have at the top of this page!

In the evening yesterday I walked with Lily down Concord Road to take care of my mom's dog and cat. I took a book along so that I could sit on the porch while Ginger ran around the yard checking on things. Lily sat at my feet and kept poor Ginger from getting too close. It was lovely sitting there; cars pass in the distance and breezes blow in the big hemlocks planted long ago by my grandfather. I watered a few plants in containers and fed the animals. Lily paddled in the creek on the way home to cool her feet!

The moon has been looking into my window at night, rising above the low hill covered in trees at the edge of the farm. The big hay bales dotted across the field cast strange shadows in the moonlight and sometimes seem to move stealthily like great, slow beasts. When I woke up this morning Malachi was lying in the window, watching the starlings with evil in his eye.


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