Sunday, June 26, 2005

Catching Up

Lovely, busy weekend. I spent Friday doing bunny chores with cool breezes blowing and the sun shining. Angel is happy that her seven little bunnies have left home for a cage of their own. I tried to figure out which were boys and which were girls. I hope I'm wrong; right now it looks like there is only one doe in the litter and I have people wanting three!

After some computer work, my dad and I headed to Floyd for a family reunion. It's not exactly my family, although mountain people claim kin to an extent other folks find amazing. This reunion started with a core group descended from a family of 13 children. Among other things, they purchased an old family property and put together an extensive genealogy. That's where I came in; I did the genealogy data processing and put together a book of family stories. The reason I went to this reunion gathering was to try to get information to update the genealogies.

While I was there I heard that a distant cousin was in town. The minute we got away I headed over to her lodging to find her. I say distant but she should be much closer; we have so many of the same interests and she's a brilliant researcher and just plain fun to knock around with. We met on the Internet years ago while she was researching our common ancestors. When she said she wanted to come here from Wisconsin, I invited her to stay here. We had a wonderful time discovering all the family sites and cemeteries together. Lily was just a puppy then and fell absolutely in love with Barb. Some day we'll have to tell the story about going into the woods with the can of whipped cream! Barb's spending the week in the area so we have to get together again!

Saturday I had planned to go to more reunion, but the SO showed up and really wanted me to go to an auction in North Carolina. I rarely pass up an auction. So we packed up after I worked at the antique shop for a little while and headed down. Things were selling very high, I thought. My method at auctions is to try to figure out what I can sell something for and bid less. Pretty simple, huh? At this auction most things went for the price I thought I could sell them. I did get a neat sewing cabinet with drawers and storage on either side for wool!

Spinning corner
Cabinet and spinning chair
recent auctions

When we got home we had to check out our treasures. I arranged my spinning corner with my little cabinet and the SO took apart the framed pieces he bought and cleaned them. He found a really cool advertising poster in the back of his Civil War print purchase that is worth more than the print he wanted. Really cool and I'm listing it on the web page as soon as I can get pictures.

Hoping to stay home today. It's cool and overcast and seems very quiet outside. Looking forward to a quiet time!

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