Monday, June 20, 2005

Busy Weekend

Hay in the fields

I don't usually notice whether a day is Monday or Saturday. When you work for yourself you pretty much do things as they come and there's not much worry about what day it is. Kind of nice. But this weekend there were things because of Father's Day, so it was actually like the weekend of a normal person. Mostly!

Friday was gorgeous; worked at the antique shop in the morning and took care of some computer chores in the afternoon. Late afternoon I went down to my mom's for dinner to celebrate Father's Day with them. Wendell's sister and brother-in-law were there and we had fun discussing rabbits and spinning. Also a friend of Mom's with her new pomeranian darling puppy. There's a naming contest going on: I prefer Gypsy!

The farmer stirred the hay on Friday; I guess it makes it dry faster. Kills me with allergies, though. I was glad to get down to Mom's to breathe a little!

Saturday we went to an auction on Stuart. I knew the lady who owned the estate, which always makes me a little sad. Things that she treasured and family heirlooms going to strangers. But there isn't much family left and I can see that they would have trouble keeping so many things. I bought a few things I hope to put up for sale on the web site this week and we bought an old sofa for my livingroom. Also a nice Brunswick phonograph, if anyone is in the market for one!

Heard a nice story while I was there. I bought a mink stole and a lady in the crowd said she remembered wearing it and a pair of high heel shoes loaned by Mrs. Leach in a beauty contest when she was in high school. She was the only girl in the contest that had high heels that fit, because she and Mrs. Leach were both small.

Came home to find that the hay was all rolled. I love the way it looks sitting out in the field, like the old-fashioned haystacks farmers made so long ago. Still gave me fits with allergies. We were late getting in so Dad and I had to dash to get to a summer solstice party. We were just in time for the solstice ceremony, always sweet with some lovely, deep-thinking people. Dad didn't want to stay long but we got to talk to some old friends.

Sunday was busier still. The SO was here and his son and daughter-in-law came to see him for Father's Day. I had a couple coming for two bunnies, and I was delighted with how charming and caring both young people were. The rabbits, a junior black doe that is almost eight months old and a younger chocolate chin, seemed quite happy with their new friends!

Dad's Day
Dad's Day

Furniture moving, house cleaning and testing out the new phonograph took up most of the rest of the day. The SO's young folks gave him some useful things for Father's Day and we all went to dinner with my brother's family to a seafood place below the mountain. My dad had frog's legs!

I actually got in some spinning, getting out the shetland/mohair roving from Friendship Farm that I dyed for my colorful shawl. Nice green that is spinning up fast; didn't spin for very long and filled half a bobbin. We picked up two nice little chairs that are perfect for spinning at the auction. I may keep one for myself!

This morning it was raining but it seems to be clearing now. Lots of computer work today to get ready for a meeting about the folk festival this afternoon!

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