Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bunny Day

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Exciting day yesterday! The sun actually stayed out all day and it didn't rain. Amazing. Then my sister-in-law's tent came in. The boxes are stacked out by the driveway until they can get it put up. So soon there will be a farmer's and crafter's market in Meadows of Dan! I did some photos of some old-timey things to see if they will work for a banner for the tent.

I spent the day working with the little bunnies. Each one of the first two litters now has a picture and description on my sales web page, The little doe above, a lynx, posed in an especially fetching way! It's fun to get the little ones out and show them off. My brother's son was here; he is so good with animals.

I decided on keeping two bunnies so far from these litters, a lilac doe from Joy's litter with Quenten and a torte buck from Crystal's litter with Raphael. I wanted a doe from Crystal but it looks like all her bunnies were bucks. I'll double check later; I get it wrong sometimes!

The rest of the day was spent with other bunny chores, getting the moms settled into cages away from the babies, and letting rabbits exercise in the cool breezes outside. It's a little crowded in the bunny house right now; I had to bring in two extra little cages for the does. But bunnies will be leaving soon!

I was filling water bottles yesterday morning with Lily roaming outside when she suddenly barked. I looked up to see a large bird soaring up from the pond. At first I thought it was the blue heron; it was so big. But the red-winged blackbirds started attacking it, and from the way it flew I knew it was some kind of hawk. It was so large we figure it was an osprey, interested in the fish instead of the little birds. Unusual to see here.

The rest of the day was spent on computer work. My chocolate doe needs shearing and I had planned to do it in the cool of the evening. But Dale came to mow the yard, and that is too noisy for it to be comfortable to shear. So she's the first thing on the agenda this morning. I'll breed her to my chocolate buck; chocolates seem to be popular this year!

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