Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bunnies and Good Friends

White Peony
Got up yesterday morning determined to accomplish some bunny chores. The sun was glorious and there was a lovely breeze, so the first thing I did while it was cool was sweep up the floors and tidy some trays. Then beautiful Woolybuns Raphael came out for his scheduled shearing. He's always a sweetheart, lying patiently across my lap while I cut away all that wool. For me it's gorgeous soft wool to be spun; to him it's probably a hot annoyance and he's glad to be rid of it! He and some other rabbits (in separate shifts) spent the day during the hours I was home playing outside under the spruce trees in their pen. Raphael, a fellow of personality, runs laps, digs a bit, nibbles on grass, and threatens the cats. Once he was in the pen when I walked my brother's dog past and he attacked the dog! When I brought him back to the barn I put him in a different cage. He's such a handsome fellow and company is coming. This way he will be admired!
Siberian Iris
Lunch with friends RJ and Trinity was fun yesterday. Trinity came to get me and we met RJ at Mabry's Mill, the local tourist attraction. The food is good and we know almost everyone that works there. Lots of talk on so many subjects; Trinity is interested in glassware and RJ is interested in everything!
Pink Peony
I took Lily down Concord Road to visit Mom in the evening. The season has moved along and there's not much wild blooming along the road. A few rhododendron are still pretty and the blackberry canes are covered in bloom. I saw a rose with buds; it might be the pink rather than the white that has about taken over the country. Mom's borders are beautiful; lots of lovely columbine and sweet spreads of hens and chicks. We had a good visit; Lily showed off her new haircut and calmer personality as a friend of my mother's brought her new baby Pomeranian to show off. Lily was curious at first then decided not to look at it!
Late evening ushered in another thunderstorm, but not before I walked around the yard looking at my shabby flower beds. I weeded the window bed a little to let the Johnny Jump Ups breathe and try to protect an unknown plant from the weed eater when it comes. As much as I love bearded iris, I have to confess that Siberian Iris are my favorites. I couldn't get a good picture to show the true color, though. Both the iris and the pink peonies will have to be moved when we start the store building. The siberian iris has long needed transplanting to revive it, but I'm hoping the peonies survive the move. They don't like change!
Only one of my rose bushes has survived the years of neglect here. It's a yellow climber that lives close to the south wall of the house. I'm hoping to work on some beds there someday and plant more roses. The hedge of forsythia and spirea also needs some work; the more vigorous forsythia is overwhelming the space. My grandmother had this variety of spirea in her yard; the old plant is still growing at the edge of the lawn. If you look closely at the picture above you'll see the white church that graces the hill in town, and also find my black cat peeping out from under the spirea.
Vine covered cottage
Every man that comes here comments that I should pull the Virginia creeper off the house. It probably would be best, but I really like the fact that vines cover my cottage and the starlings likely do more damage!
Storm Clouds gathering
And with late evening came the storm. I curled up in my bed with Lily sleeping at my feet, as I indulged in rereading an Edwardian romance while lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside.

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