Friday, June 10, 2005

Angora and lace

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This coy little doe received her second haircut yesterday and delivered piles of gorgeous dark pewter wool. She's a real sweetheart and the only problem with shearing was that she wanted to flirt with the boy in the cage near us!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, clear and warm with a gentle breeze. More fun bunny playtime outside! I sheared Maple; she was fussy at first. Probably because she was worried about leaving the babies. But she soon settled down as I removed her overgrown coat. Maple was overdue for shearing because I didn't want to disturb her while the bunnies were little. So, what with that and bunnies crawling all over her, her wool was a bit of a mess. Nice for blending with something for felting batts, though. She'll be comfortable for the summer.

The barn swallows are starting a nest in the shed roof right outside the bunny house door. I usually shear there, so I took my project inside the bunny house to try to keep from disturbing them. My presence may be enough to bother them anyway; I'm in the bunny house a lot. There's another open side to the barn that they used earlier in the year; I don't know why they are beginning again.

It was nice to sit shearing a quiet doe, while the barn swallows soared and called just outside the door, and I could watch the grass ruffled by the breeze. Rabbits munched hay and bunnies played, with 'look at me' binkies to make me laugh. One of Mary's bunnies fell asleep flat on her back, with all four feet up in the air. Another pair dropped across each other after playing. With all the fur they have now I couldn't tell which legs went with which head.

The doe I sheared yesterday is the one I decided to sell as a wooler. She has a couple of small faults; a white toenail and she's a bit small at 6 1/4 pounds. Her sister weighs about 8, so since I need size right now in my rabbitry the sister is a better choice for me. This doe is a lovely girl and produced lots of wool; she will be a wonderful companion and wooler for someone!

In the afternoon I had a wonderful time checking out the crazy quilt web sites that you all have provided. What wonderful work, some absolutely awesome, all beautiful and some subjects and themes hilarious! My sad little efforts have a long way to go. I had started a square a few days ago and I realized I don't care for embroidery any more now than I ever did. Sad, when you can get such beautiful results! But beadwork looks very interesting; I've never tried it before. A trip to the craft store is in order. I love laying out the designs and embellishing with lace and trim and sewing on buttons and things. But I wonder if substituting cross stitch for embroidery would work!

Last night another storm attempted to blow up but it wandered away. Looks like there was more rain during the night. It's a gray morning with a haze across the hills. Today I hope to shear a couple more rabbits and straighten up the house a little. Visitor tomorrow looking for a bunny, and then I want to check out a local craft show and work on scheduling for the folk fair in August.

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