Sunday, June 05, 2005

Almost A Whole Day Without Rain

Bunny chores were so nice yesterday morning, with the sun shining and Lily sniffing around in the dew-wet yard. Everyone was eager for their breakfast of hay and fresh greens from the yard and surrounding fields. I like to make dandelion bouquets for them!

The sun didn't last long. By the time I finished at the antique store, ready to uncover my flea market tables, a black cloud had rolled over the sky. My dad showed up with a cute little 4-wheel-drive SUV sort of car that he bought yesterday morning. So I went with him to pick up his old truck from the dealership. Along the way the rain spattered the windshield but never got serious.

I've been meaning to mention how gorgeous the phlox is along the roadsides. I think it's a wild species; not sure if it's native. But I've never seen it bloom like this. Shades from white to lilac to lavender to deep blue-purple in long stretches of hill and ditch along the roads. The rhodoedendron bloom has been battered to pieces by wind and rain, but the mountain laurel is gracing the edges of the woods with a more subtle beauty. Flame azalea is still glowing among the darker trees.

In the evening, to try out the new vehicle, we went to pick up bunny feed and have dinner. On the way back we paused by a beaver dam along the Parkway. This structure fascinates both of us. There have been no beaver in this area for generations, and it's amazing to see how they can build a pond on a small stream. We actually saw a beaver last night. He was swimming peacefully in his pond, a sleek brown animal that looked to be as long as my spaniel.

And last night I managed to get in some spinning. I have a little roving left over from each of the blends that I dyed awhile back, and want to spin up some yarn as samples to show how the variegated rovings will turn out. I worked on the tunis that I dyed with variegated oranges last night. The colors turned out very vibrant, from red to orange. It didn't take long to spin the roving, about half an ounce, and ply it.

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