Sunday, May 22, 2005


Came home last night from a trip to Northern Virginia to attend the wedding of the SO's son. Lovely young couple that seem very much in love. Her grandfather, who is a really neat guy, worried that they're both a bit naive. Life will take care of that soon enough.

Sweet wedding and the young people included their extended families very well. It's complicated these days with step-parents, step-siblings, SOs and so on. Sweet to see the bride dancing with the groom's dad and step-dad (Dad dances better!). Also sweet to see people put aside their family quarrels and minor differences to unite in their love for a beautiful young couple.

I don't go to many weddings; most people my age have children that are already married. This was the most old-fashioned wedding I've been to in awhile and quite charming. The sweetest wedding I've been to in a long time was my mother's when she married my step-father. The most interesting was my brother's bluegrass formal wedding in the church on the hill!

The drive up the Valley was a bit wet with rain coming in bursts along the way. I try to manage it so I can take my time and not feel rushed; there is SO much traffic on the Interstate these days. Locust is blooming around Roanoke, along with the dogwood and I saw fire pinks along the roadsides in Floyd County. I drove my truck up but we picked up friend Kym's car in New Market. She was on vacation and then worked at a wine festival in Front Royal. I brought her car back yesterday under sunny skies with a lot less traffic on the road.

I came back through Floyd County in the late evening and surprised a fox in a curve on the narrow road leading home. He scampered across in front of me and then sat down on a rock at the top of the bank to recover his dignity. A big red fox that looked back at me with curiousity as I stopped to watch him. This one was all orange, with black ears and legs. I've seen some that were more gray than orange. I don't know if the fur changes with the seasons. You can tell I'm a fiber person because I was thinking how beautiful the color would look as yarn!

Morning here is cool and sunny; nice after all the rain. Looking forward to settling back into the routines of bunnies and books. Lily seems to be finally accepting her new haircut; she was happy to see me when I picked her up from the babysitter. Looked like she had fun watching the pet birds, playing with small dogs and watching TV from the couch!

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