Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Uninspired Days

Two days of rain, off and on, with cold temperatures have kept me inside on the computer or down at the antique shop. With the cold people aren't moving around very much. Yesterday a few people wandered into the shop, including a delightful young lady that I knew years ago. She wants to start a business here in the community, an admirable if tough ambition!

Bunnies were all huddled together this morning; snug against the cold. When I started putting hay in, they scampered over to say hello and dive into the crisp piles. Funny to watch such little rabbits, almost lost in the hay as they munch away!

Last night Dad and I went to dinner with a couple of young friends. Lovely to catch up with Kym's vacation and work news and Trinity's tales about friends and family. His young niece is driving and has a boyfriend; it seems just yesterday that she was starting school!

Early morning to head back to the antique shop, then a trip to town with RJ. Haven't seen her in awhile so it will be great to visit. Stocking up on bunny feed is the purported purpose of the trip but visiting, and dinner, are more important still!

Very busy working on web sites but that doesn't make for much blog interest. Hopefully the sun will stay out for awhile and the temperatures will get warm. It's so cool I've been worried about shearing bunnies!

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