Monday, May 02, 2005

Sunny Day!

Sunny Day!

Yesterday I was finally able to get out and see what damage had been done by the cold weather last weekend. There are a few things that aren't going to bloom as beautifully as usual. The quince usually has more blooms, but it was fooled into blooming by warm-ups during the winter more than once. My sweet shrub has many little buds that were killed by the cold and my bleeding heart is going to have lovely leaves but the blooms are gone, except for one sprig that was protected. The viburnum has a few drooping and blackened sprays but it looks like it will be pretty.

All is well in the bunny house. The first four or five days are the hardest for a baby bunny; if he survives that long they usually do well. I'm supplementing the diet of the moms with broccoli for added calcium. They love to nibble the green treat and it's a distraction while I check that all is well in the nest.

Spent most of the day at the antique shop down the road and visited with my sister-in-law. Then I went over to a restaurant where the lovely people save their scrap greens for the rabbits. An abundance of riches! Greg and Nancy have only been at the Woodberry Inn for a couple of years. They are so nice and the food is terrific!

This morning I checked on a new venue for selling books. Lily is out in the sun and it's time I was heading down to check on bunnies. I'm hoping to get out the dye pots today!

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