Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lily's Evening Walk

Yesterday was beautiful; warm with some clouds passing through and a nice breeze. This morning looks to be just as lovely. Bunny chores and laundry day!

I spent most of the day on the computer yesterday, updating the web page for Poor Farmer's Market and All Seasons. Poor Farmer's is a terrific country store here in Meadows of Dan. They have a wonderful sandwich shop and great gifts and country foods. My dad is hooked on the fried apple pies!

There was a glitch in the All Seasons set-up, so I switched off and cleaned up my living room by listing the fiber I was planning to take to New Hampshire on my web page. I can't go to New Hampshire this year; I'll be pouting here at home while Chris and Kim talk bunnies! The fiber I was going to sell is posted at Greenberry House fibers.

After spending all day at the computer, with a couple of breaks to play with bunnies, I took Lily for a walk to clear our heads. She and I both need to do some tummy reducing! We stopped by the pond to feed the fish while the neighbor's cows watched us curiously over the wire fence. Lily tries to sneak the fish food out of the water when it floats close to the bank. She darted back in alarm when the big catfish glided in, intent on the same food!

We continued our walk along the Parkway. Along the way we past neighbors houses that belong to people who are kin as well as neighbors. Sadly most of my neighbors along this stretch of road are stuggling with health issues and age. There's a new house with a new neighbor, who is a distant cousin. She has a pet rabbit and I get many reports about how much fun she has with him. It's charming when a beautifully dignified older woman is telling about binkies on the couch!

Lily got tired. She has some arthritis in her hips and exercise is hard sometimes for her. So we didn't go far up the road. We did find a patch of Mayapple spread under a small stand of trees, and a tiny white wildflower that looked like stars spread across a hill.

I did the last bunny check under a blue-black sky dotted with stars and graced by a sliver of moon. The air was cool and the rabbits were calm in their cages, enjoying the quiet weather. Baby bunnies were snug in their nests and a black cat coiled around my legs as I secured the bunny house door. I came back up to finish a few computer chores while a worn out spaniel snored at my feet.

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