Tuesday, May 17, 2005

joy babies

joy babies
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Another cool morning but the sky is clear and it looks like another beautiful day. I went down early to check on the bunnies and the little ones were out that were born at the end of April. Some are still a bit wobbly and uncertain but the big fellow pictured on the right is curious and ready to be petted or play!

Yesterday I went to town to check out a health club. Like most of us, I weigh far too much and it's starting to affect how I feel. I've been trying to eat more sensibly but I felt healthier when my friend Kym and I were going to the gym several times a week. Now I have to see if I can get up enough ambition to do that again!

The rest of the day was spent visiting. I dropped in on Cousin RJ, hoping to catch cousin Jane but knowing that she would be busy. Had a nice visit in RJ's lovely porch room, decorated with wicker and soft pastels as we discussed our favorite interests thoroughly.

Then I headed up to the Woodberry Inn to shear a friend's rabbit. Hannah is a beautiful chestnut that is mostly French with a little German. So I often have to pluck her wool. I pluck what comes off easily and shear the rest. Her wool is wonderful; not a high yield but rich in color.

Hurried home to do bunny chores and then headed up to the Merchant's Association meeting. They're putting together a Folk fair in the community for August 13; if there are any crafters out there interested in participating it should be a wonderful opportunity to show off your skills and sell your wares. No fees, since this is the first year. Lots of promotion and we have thousands of people through here every year!

Dad came home from an extended trip back to Georgia to take care of business. We fed the fish and admired my brother's remodeling job on his house. It was dusk and the red winged black birds had settled into their night places. Their calls as they soar across the field, guarding their precious nests, usually accompany our visits to the pond.

A late evening check on the babies in the bunny house under a sky drifting with clouds and stars. Later when I looked out the moon was shining on the apple tree by the window, reflecting from the scattering of white petals on the grass.

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