Thursday, May 26, 2005


Bearded Iris Gift from Chris
A Gift from Chris

The sunshine this morning is a treasure, especially after so many rainy cool days. It's still cold. Lily is upstairs snuggled under her afgan. I threw it over her to tease and she just cuddled under it instead of objecting!

Despite the chilly days the bearded iris are blooming. Chris at Woolybuns gave me several iris roots that I planted two years ago. This year the one by the back door is raising elegant purple bud spears and one opened yesterday in the late evening sun. I ran out to take a picture before something could happen to it. Who could but love such lasting and generous gifts? Cathy has offered me another such treasure, from a special lady I have never met! Sharing plants has been a tradition among country women for a long time. I appreciate being gifted by these lovely women and hope I can return the honor someday!

A neighbor here told me about her mother, a very young woman who came to the community when she married an older man with children. The neighbor women discovered her love for flowers when she planted roots and cuttings she brought with her, and welcomed her to the community by sharing plants from their own little gardens. Ms. Lois (the daughter) said her mother had a beautiful garden of flowers, which she tended while caring for many children and dealing with all the other hard work of farm, house and family.

Had a wonderful afternoon with RJ as we ventured off the mountain to town for bunny feed and lots of lovely talk. Nice dinner in town to complete the trip; very important. We touched on politics and lack of common sense, old family scandals (and possible new ones) movies, books, music. It's not hard to come up with conversation with such a companionable person!

Time for bunny chores. The smallest bunnies have retreated back into the nest boxes with the cool weather. Had a shock the other day, though. Mary has four big fluffy bunnies, but when I went in to feed one evening there were only two. They are too large to slip through the wires but I searched the floors and trays in vain. Other cages, no extra bunnies. Crawled under the barn; no sign of babies. Finally I decided that I must have a black snake visiting, which upset me very much. The other rabbits, including the mother, didn't seem a bit disturbed. I gave up and started feeding pellets. When I picked up Mary's overturned bowl to fill it, out popped two fat little bunnies! They had been snuggled together there the entire time!

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