Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Flea Market Weekend

Nice customer
Memorial Day, 2005

We spent the weekend working the annual flea market down at the antique shop where I help out. Three tables; two of just junk and one of nice stuff. Not many people out this year, though. Sold a lot of cheap books and some ceramic frogs; not much else.

Our Table
We pulled out a lot of the stuff that I would love to just get away from here the first day, because I had just Dad to help me set up. The on Saturday the SO came down and we got into some nicer things. I have some gorgeous cruets that were blown in a mold. There's a hint of amethyst to the glass and the stoppers look like little jewels. Love those. Pulled out some silver, too; that always gets a lot of attention.

Sue's stuff
My sister-in-law set up a booth with some of her artistic pieces. They were up at the other end of the parking lot so I didn't see much of them. Hope she did well!

More people, more stuff. There are a few folks that just come out with outgrown clothes and toys to move out for a little spending money, but most of the people that come to Jerry's are antique dealers. There was a bluegrass band there, which was fun. It was so cold most of the weekend, though, that we all pretty much huddled under blankets and tried to keep our stuff from getting wet in the rain. Memorial Day was gorgeous, though. Most people were tired by then and heading home, though.

Crocheting, as usual
Even when it's not busy, I'm busy. I worked on the crocheted poncho that I'm making in the brown chenille. Nice to have it out in the light; the stitches look much better and I can see what I'm doing with the dark yarn. Along with the usual bunny chores, we took Dad to town for dinner. The bunnies are all out of their nest boxes and having a good time playing. I opened Joy's cage one morning and a fat little bunny tumbled out, to his surprise. I caught him scampering off to explore the rest of the bunny house. A bold Maple baby played tug of war with her for a dandelion leaf and won, leaving her hunting around for it in dismay. Joy likes to lay down in front of her feeder to eat. Bunnies eat alongside of her and some crawl up on top to cuddle in her fur.

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